How Much Does Termite Treatment Cost ?

Do you see winged termites swarming on ground’s mud tubes outside your home’s woodwork foundation or inside your home? Chances are your home is infested with termites and you would want to know how much does termite treatment cost. Treatments for termites can be costly and their prices differ between companies depending on several factors such as quality, size of the structure, and treatment plans used.  But since termite infestation is a major threat to every home owner, the cost becomes secondary since it can save the home’s structure.

Available Treatments for Termites Infestation

Termites are sneaky bugs infesting structures and damaging flooring, wood, wallpaper, furniture, sheetrock, even plastic. If you feel you are dealing with termites infesting your home, the first thing you need to do to know how much termite treatment cost, is call a reliable qualified termite inspector. This professional will evaluate the extent of potential damage upon a home and recommend a treatment the soonest possible time. Treating termite infestation may be done by using bait, chemical, electricity, microwaves/heat, or lethal gas fumigation.

Typical Termite Treatment Cost

How much does termite treatment cost ?Generally, free inspections are offered by treatment companies and if termites are found, they will offer the appropriate termite treatment, or preventive treatment inclusive of repair warranty. The cheapest estimate would be $500. The most expensive is $2,000 and above, depending on the size of structure and choice of treatment option while the yearly inspection charges would amount from $150.00 –$450.00.
1.       Basically, chemical extermination will be priced by linear foot. If your home is about 1,250-sq ft or 150-linear ft, its cost would amount to $1,350 to $2,500. So if your home structure is 200-linear ft or 2,500-sq ft, termite treatment cost is $1,700 – $3,200. But for homes which have slab foundations, the price is relatively higher.
2.       If you have the same size of home structure, 1,250-sq ft and 2,500-sq ft, but the process you need is bait extermination, the cost starts at $1,500 and $3,000 respectively.
3.       Fumigation process is the most expensive method. It is generally based on the house’s cubic feet, including attachments and decks. If your 1,250-sq ft home requires for tenting, its cost would amount to $1,200 to $2,500 and $2,400 to $4,000 if your home size is 2,500-sq ft.
4.       Heat extermination process likewise needs for tenting your home at $1,250 termite treatment cost for 1,250-sq ft.
5.       Microwave system and Electro-gun covering small areas of infestations cost around $1,150.
Warranty costs differ but will be dependent on whether or not repairs to termite’s damage are included, aside from the treatment.
Basically, termite treatment cost will be determined by the extent of the damage and its location. When the structure of your home is already compromised, treatment cost may reach the same price as your home.  You might want to prepare yourself for extra costs like wood infestation starting at $50, and renewal costs with the inclusion of liquid treatment that would cost around $150 to $200. Inclusion of baiting stations would cost you additional cost ranging from $250 – $450.

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