Termite Treatment Cost Estimator

For those dealing with the devastation of a termite infestation, finding an accurate termite treatment cost estimator can be a challenge. First of all, it's hard to know just what you'll be paying for, which is certainly important when evaluating any termite treatment cost estimator. Secondly, there can be a wide range of price offerings, making it difficult to determine what is overpriced and what is too cheap to possibly work. Fortunately, we've compiled a list of the information you need to know when looking for a termite treatment cost estimator.

What's Involved in Treating Termites?

Termite Treatment Cost Estimator
Termite Treatment Cost Estimator
Any given termite treatment cost estimator may provide a variety of estimates. The reason for this is that there are a number of factors to consider in setting a price for termite treatment. From the point of view of the exterminator, these factors include the cost of:
    • The insecticide or repellent used
    • Any traps or bait
    • Purchasing and maintaining the necessary equipment
    • Specialized training
    • Labor
    • General business expenses like office staff and supplies
    • Insurance policies
    • Permits and licenses
    • Taxes

      Can You Treat for Termites Before You Build?

      While many people discover they have a white ant or termite infestation long after they've been living in their home, some may decide to take steps to prevent a future infestation by pretreating before they build. This is a great option that can also save you money. A termite treatment cost estimator can help you determine the overall expense so that you can plan ahead. You'll need to know a few things first, including:
        • The total area of the planned structure. Prices are generally around $0.35 per sq. ft.
        • The types of materials that will be used (i.e., will it be an all wood shed, or a large brick building with just a few wooden accents?).
        • What type of guarantee you'd like for the work. In general, the longer the guarantee you purchase, the more pricey the pretreatment will be.
        • What type of pretreatment will you use? This will largely depend on whether you expect to have a problem with subterranean or dry wood termites.
        • What type of service would you like to use? Larger corporations may advertise better success rates, but they may also be a little more expensive.

          Treating an Existing Structure

          If you've noticed a termite problem in an existing structure, you can also use a termite treatment cost estimator to determine the cost of treating your house. Here are some points to consider:
            • Most companies charge based on linear feet, with an average rate of $5 per linear foot, meaning the area of your house's foundation, in feet.
            • Geographic location. Some areas are commonly infested with termites.
            • The type of treatment (repellent, nonrepellant, subterranean, or full structure fumigation).
            • The cost of follow up treatments (i.e., checking bait, etc.)

              The Bottom Line

              When considering any termite treatment cost estimator results, keep in mind you'll want to compare offers from a number of businesses. Also be sure to ask for references from the company’s former clients to ensure you've hired the best termite control company for the most economical price.

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